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Best M.Sc. Zoology In Dehradun

Department of Zoology was established in 2013 in the College and is running Post Graduate course program in Zoology .Our vision is to be extensively recognized academic department to achieve excellence through teaching and research and to mould graduates in to good zoologists , environmentalists, excellent in the knowledge ,morphology, physiology, anatomy of animals , biotechnology and other concepts related to it. Procedural knowledge that creates different types of professionals in the field of Zoology and related fields such as, apiculture and sericulture, wildlife biologists etc. Studying zoology Students gain knowledge and skills in the fundamentals of animal sciences, understands the complex interactions among various living organisms. It also offers opportunity to consider ways to face global challenges such as climate change and food security ,trying to find solutions to help both animals and humans alike. The program also provide a platform for classical genetics in order to understand distribution or inheritance of different traits.

The M.Sc. Zoology Course At Doon (PG) College Of Agriculture Science And Technology,Dehradun

Department of Zoology in Doon college also affiliated to H.N.B Garhwal University (A Central University) and conduct two year PG program in zoology. our esteemed faculty members provide sound education and conductive atmosphere for the PG students to learn advances in Zoology. Department is actively involved in research in frontier areas of life sciences in post graduate level and beyond. The course program and practical exercises help the students to apply their knowledge in future course of their career development in higher education and research. Our efforts are to provide knowledge of Designing and conducting research projects and studies of animals, collecting and analyzing biological data and specimens, writing papers, reports and articles that explain research findings. The program has been designed to provide in depth knowledge of applied subjects ensuring the inculcation of employment skills, so that students can achieve a career and become an entrepreneur in diverse fields. In addition, they may get interested to look for engagements in industry and commercial activities employing Life Sciences, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Department of Zoology contributes the knowledge for Nation building.

Scope Of Study

Candidates with a Zoology subject can find work in government agencies, environmental organizations, universities, and colleges. They might also work in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Candidates can specialize in structure, physiology, ethology, biogeography, marine biology, and other branches of zoology while pursuing higher education and research in the same field. They will have prospects in the fields of conservationists, wildlife biologists, zoo curators, wildlife educators, zoology professors, zoology researchers, and lab technicians based on their speciality.

Carrier Opportunities

Zoology as a career as a number of specializations because of which the students are presented with a plethora of career options once they chose to be associated with this field. This field is concerned with the preservation and management of animal kingdom and a career in it would mean that one is a part of that responsibility.

Employment Opportunities

A zoologist might even get to travel because the nature of his / her job. Channels like National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel are in constant need of Zoologists for research and documentaries. Zoologists are also hired for zoos, wildlife services, botanical gardens, conservation organizations, national parks, nature reserves, universities, laboratories, aquariums, animal clinics, fisheries and aquaculture, museums, research, pharmaceutical Companies, veterinary hospitals, etc.

There are different jobs available after Ph.D in life science (zoology) such as Assistant Professor, Biology Researcher, Scientist, Content Developer, Research Associate, Geneticist Biology, Sr. Associate Scientist, TET Teacher, Biomedical Scientist, Microbiologist, Clinical Research Associate, etc. The area of Zoology subject has a wide range of research opportunities .Some are listed below:

  • Agrochemical Companies
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Animal Clinics
  • Environmental and Ecosystem Management Sector
  • Aquariums
  • Medical Research
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Forensics
  • Conservation Agencies
  • Forests Laboratories
  • Medical Laboratories

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