M.Sc. Forestry

Best M.Sc. Forestry In Dehradun

M.Sc. Forestry is a postgraduate course focused on knowledge of forest ecology, conservation, and management. The program aims to provide in-depth knowledge of the management and conservation of forest ecosystems, the sustainable use of forest resources, and the assessment of environmental impact.

The M.Sc. Forestry program curriculum is structured to cover subjects like Forest Ecology and Biodiversity, Forest Measurement, Forest Entomology, Silviculture, Forest Management, Forest Resource Economics, Forest Products, Forest Genetics, and Remote Sensing and GIS. The course includes both theoretical and practical classes such as laboratory sessions, field visits, project work, and internships.

The duration of the M.Sc. Forestry program is two years, and admission is based on the performance of the candidate in the entrance examination and the academic qualifications.

After completing M.Sc. Forestry, graduates can work in diverse job roles in various public and private sectors such as forestry, conservation, and environmental science. They can work as a Forester, Forest Range Officer, Forest Manager, Researcher, Wildlife Biologist, Soil and Water Conservationist, Environmental Consultant, Lecturer, and Professor.

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