B.Sc. (Hons.) Food Technology

Best B.Sc. (Hons.) Food Technology In Dehradun

Food Technology is branch of science that deals with food processing, its value addition, packaging and safe storage of food. It is part of everyday life that we consume food; it’s a necessity of survival. Department of Food Technology offers a great place to get hands on experience behind the science of processed food. The most important question people ask while buying processed food is “Is it safe to Consume?”. A degree in food Technology will enable you to answer such question. Food Technology enhances food quality, nutritional value and availability of food. It also helps us to reduce food waste by utilizing it in other areas. Food technologist is also involved in designing food plant and understanding the regulations and standards given by national and international standards. Major fields of food technology involve fruit and vegetable sector, dairy science, Cereals and legume technology, beverage technology, food quality and assurance, food engineering etc.

Our department’s mission is to create successful food technologist for the new era in which life is fast and time is scarce. Our students design and manufacture food which saves time of the consumer. Our labs are equipped with latest instruments which not only helps the student in creating a processed product but to analyse its chemical components. We offer both B.Sc. Food Technology and M.Sc. Food technology. Most of our alumni are placed in industries like Rasna PVT. Ltd., Haldirams, ITC ltd., PepsiCo, Bourn Vita, Dukes, etc. With such varied contacts, we are able to create a vast network which helps students to find jobs in various sectors such as Production/Operation/ QA/QC, R&D: New Product & Process Development, Marketing & Sales, Business development & Marketing analysis, Procurement & Supply chain management.

Scope of the study

Students with B.Sc. Food Technology degree can pursue master’s degree in the same subjects as well as in Subjects like Post harvest management, Dairy technology, Meat technology, agribusiness management, Food Quality and safety etc. Students with Degree of M.Sc. Food technology can pursue Ph. D in Food technology, Dairy technology, post harvest as well as other allied fields.

Graduates and post graduates of food technology can pursue both private and public sectors. Students get hired as Food Safety officers, Food analysts, Food Quality executive officer, Food Inspector, quality managers, Food Production officer, research fellows, Hygiene officers, Nutritional therapist, Brewers etc.

Career Opportunities

Graduates and post graduates in food technology have many options to choose from. Food is something that is necessity of life, so opportunities are vast. Students can pursue career as a food technician or analyst, food inspector, food developer etc.

We encourage students to be good entrepreneurs as well; with government supporting startups one can pursue their dream. Food sector is one of the most diverse sectors in the world as people can never stop eating food. Unlike other sectors this sector is only increasing and is in need of good food technologist.

Employment opportunities

Both public and private sector offers good prospects for a food technologist. Some of them are-

Private Sector

  • Food Analyst
  • Food Quality executive
  • Food Hygiene officer
  • Marketing managers
  • Production officers
  • Food Machine operators
  • Research and Development officers
  • Product Development manager
  • Packaging Development executive
  • Food Microbiologist

Public Sector

  • Regulatory Affairs Officer
  • Research Scientist
  • Toxicologist
  • Food analyst
  • Food technical officer
  • Food safety officer
  • Food Inspectors

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