Department of Medical Lab Technology

Department of Medical Lab Technology is running a 3 years Under Graduate course program in Medical Lab Technology, and a 2year (4 semesters)Post Graduate course program in M.Sc. Medical  Lab Technology.

Medical Laboratory Technology clinical laboratory science helps diagnose, treatment and prevention of  diseases through clinical laboratory tests. It is complementary to medical science. It involves analysis of body matter such as fluid, tissue, and blood. It also covers micro-organism screening, chemical analyses, and cell count. These professionals, medical lab technicians and technologists, play an important role in collecting information, sampling, testing, reporting and documenting medical investigations. 
Technologists may also conduct research supervised by medical researchers. They are responsible for maintaining report accuracy, conducting complex tests, and generally have more training than a medical laboratory technician, who performs routine testing under stipulated conditions. Technicians may help by preparing specimens and operating automated sample analysing machines, set up testing equipment, keep the lab clean, maintain tools and conditions etc.

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