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Best M.Sc Environmental Science In Dehradun

Environmental Science is becoming necessary for every person and it is responsibility of all to protect and restore the quality of our environment by using scientific knowledge. M.Sc. Environmental Science is a two-year postgraduate programme divided into 4 semesters. It is an interdisciplinary program with an emphasis on environmental analyses, natural resources, pollution control, climate change, biodiversity conservation, impact assessment, toxicology, environmental legislation and sustainable development.

The Environmental Science at Doon(PG) College of Agriculture Science & Technology, Dehradun

The Department of Environmental Sciences was started in 2012. The department is based on environmental education and research and it is committed to the principle of harnessing science and technology for the benefit of humankind. The department has well equipped laboratories for conducting experiments and research work. The major thrust areas of research include Phytoremediation, Biosorption, Water Quality Analysis, Environmental Pollution, Biodiversity and Traditional/ Indigenous Knowledge System etc. at the department covers both biologically and socially oriented environmental research. In addition to coursework designed to help students become scientifically literate, the department also strives to develop critical and independent thinking skills in the students it serves through workshops, trainings and student research opportunities.

We are committed to the fulfillment of this principle through the acquisition of our mission. Our efforts to fulfill our mission will be characterized by a focus on discovery at the interface of disciplines and approaches; a collegial, cooperative, and inspiring environment for faculty, students, and staff.

Scope of Study

Environmental Science graduates have multiple career options. They can work with different government departments and agencies like Forest and Environment, Pollution Control Boards, Industries, Water resources, Agriculture and Education etc. Private industries and firms also absorb a large chunk of environmental students to suggest proper methods and process. Waste treatment plants in industries, fertilizer plants, food processing industries and textile mills employ environmental science students. Environmental students also can be involved in research activities in public and private sector institutions. Now NGOs working for environmental protection are a good option available for environmental graduate students. Teaching in colleges, universities is also a one of the best option for the students.

Career Opportunities

The field of environmental science is growing at a faster rate than ever due to issues such as climate change and pollution. Under this course, aspirants can apply for a research degree in government organizations. Candidate holding M.Sc. Degree in Environmental Science can find many lucrative career opportunities in India as well as in abroad. In this sector you can be employed by various organizations such as Pollution Control Board, Water Authority and Urban Planning. Many NGOs are growing in working on the issues regarding the environment.

Employment opportunities

There is a vast scope in private or in the government sector for the environment science degree holders. Individuals who pursue an environmental science degree have several options when it comes to jobs, including

  • Environmental specialist
  • Lecturer
  • Environmental consultant
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Ecologist
  • Environmental manager
  • Environmental biologist
  • Environmental health officer
  • Environmental health and safety officer
  • Environmental Auditor

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