M.Lib (Master of Library Science)

Best M.Lib (Master of Library Science) in Dehradun

M.Lib or Master of Library Science is a postgraduate course that emphasizes knowledge of library and information science. The program aims to train students in the methods and principles of organizing, managing, and retrieving information in different types of libraries like academic, public and special libraries. The curriculum of the M.Lib program typically includes courses on Library Classification and Cataloguing, Information Sources and Services, Library Management, Digital Libraries, Bibliometrics and Scientometrics, Information Technology, and Research Methodologies. A significant part of the program includes practical work, projects, and library visits.

The duration of the M.Lib program is one year,

After completing M.Lib, graduates have a wide range of career opportunities, including working in academic libraries, government institutions, public libraries, research and consulting firms, special libraries, and knowledge management divisions of organizations. They can work in various roles such as librarians, media specialists, information analysts, archivists, knowledge management professionals, and information officers.

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