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Best M.Sc. Chemistry In Dehradun

M.Sc. Chemistry should be studied by students who are willing to understand the nuances of the chemical world and who are willing to contribute their bit by solving real-world problems with their scientific knowledge.

We are among the best colleges for M.Sc. Chemistry in Dehradun, (Uttarakhand) because of our top-notch offerings that includes - Innovative teaching methodology with rich and varied learning resources. Chemistry department are highly equipped with all modern instrumental facilities in the laboratories, better information resources, big libraries and highly equipped computer rooms with Wi-Fi facilities then other colleges.

From our previous year batches many students are cleared CSIR- UGC NET, GATE exams, State level Scholarship Exams for getting scholarship as JRF’s and perusing Ph.D. Programme. Some students perusing their Ph.D. in abroad (Swirtzerland, USA, etc,). Some students are cleared National and state level exams for Govt. Jobs.

Our many students are recruited in various Pharmaceutical as well as Cosmettic and other Companies like Dabur, Ranbaxy, Hindustan Lever, Cipla, Dr. Reddy, Mankind, Sun Pharma, Lotus, Cadila, Ipca, Tirupati Pharma, Intas, Medical Research, Manufacturing And Processing Firms, Testing Laboratories, Technical Journals, Waste-Water Plant. Engineering Firms, Medical Laboratories, Oil Industry, Petroleum Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Power Generating Companies, Research and Development, Biotechnology Firms, Chemical Industry, Chemicals Manufacturing Companies, Cosmetic Companies, Industrial Laboratories, Forensic Crime Research, Food & Drug Inspector, Analytical Chemist, Analytical Chemist, etc. through on campus and off campus interviews.

Highly qualified professors and lecturers with their better teaching methodologies provide the ideal learning environment to students. Better access to technology can improve knowledge and skill set manifolds. Faculty members are encouraged to interact with peer groups by participating in education programs, seminars, training programmes organized by Government institutes and international conferences. Faculty involvement in academic, research and consultation activities leads to a significant output of publications in leading national and international journals.

Additional seminars are undertaken by the students in each semester to improve learning in the areas like literature survey, personality development, group discussion and presentation skills. Moreover, opportunities of technologies for communication skills enhancement are provided.

Industrial Visit

In each semester, industry visits of the students are organized to the relevant industries in various locations. It serves the objective of exposure to large-scale practical applications of theoretical aspects. Students prepare the projects reflecting the needs and problems of the industry. The faculty interacts on a regular basis with industry personnel for successful implementation of such projects.

Carrier Scope of M.Sc chemistry

M.Sc. chemistry scope helps candidates to have a lot of career opportunities. They have the option of becoming a professor or a teacher. M.Sc in chemistry scope enables students to work for pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, research centres, medical schools, private clinics, and other organizations. There are further higher education choices, such as a PhD, various job positions.

Career Options after M.Sc Chemistry are listed and described below:

  • Research Assistant: Research assistants gather data and experiment with various medical and scientific learning.
  • Lab Technician: Lab technicians are in charge of gathering samples, carrying out their training, and performing tests on things like chemical compounds, biological specimens, teeth, and bodily fluids.
  • Scientist: Scientists conduct research to advance knowledge in a specific field.
  • Lab Technologist: A lab technician is someone who does hands-on research in laboratories.
  • Chemical Engineer: Chemical engineering is concerned with the creation and manufacture of products using chemical processes.

Courses after M.Sc Chemistry

After earning a degree, students can desire to continue further education. Following an M.Sc in Chemistry, consider taking the following courses:

  • M.Phil
  • PhD
  • MBA

Employment Opportunities

After Completing M.Sc. Chemistry there are so many Career options and job prospects. A master’s degree in chemistry can help the students to find work almost all industrial firms, one can find various job openings in corporate sector, including research, healthcare, and manufacturing. Those who are interested in teaching profession can build up a strong career in educational sector. Many universities provide their students with internships and jobs after M.Sc chemistry upon course completion. Following is a list of careers in chemistry with salaries:

Government Jobs for M.Sc Chemistry Aspirants

Junior Research Fellow:

  • Fellowship Program
  • Conducted by CSIR & UGC
  • Conducts Research
  • Establish Research Methodologies

School Teacher:

  • Designing training methods
  • Delivering content for learning
  • Administering Tests & assessments
  • Giving feedback to students
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Delivering and Assuring the Quality of the Product
  • Supervising Business process
  • Meeting quality control targets with Industry standard
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Functions as a bridge between the clinics performing the research and the research sponsors.


  • Determine the Toxicity of the Chemical Products
  • Undertake necessary actions to deliver the required product

Private Sector Jobs for M.Sc Chemistry Aspirants

QA Chemist:

  • Quality assurance
  • Tests the quality of chemical product
  • Meet industry standards

Field Chemist:

  • Take samples, tests, and package precarious chemical materials

Radio Chemist:

  • Deals with radioactive and chemical compounds
  • Handle technical needs

Lab Chemist:

  • Research and analyze substances at the atomic and molecular levels
  • Test the quality of manufactured products

QC Micro Chemist:

  • Prepares and tests samples in the manufacturing process
  • Report test results
  • Ensure the product quality meets the industry standards

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